APCUPSD not doing shutdown on windows

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APCUPSD not doing shutdown on windows


Hi all, I have a simple setup – 1x win7 machine connected to backup rs1500 by usb and 1x fedora box setup on network. I have got the apc tray running perfectly fine in windows, shows all correct data etc and is communicating fine with the linux box over the network.

I have just done a test shutdown (pulled the plug on the ups) and my Linux box shutdown at 20% battery level as it should do but the windows machine (master) does absolutely nothing…just stays on until the battery drains and powers off – NOT gracefully shutdown.


Now I have read far too many webpages AND the manual, my eyes are square now so please can somebody just give me the exact instructions for what bat files are needed, where they should be, do I need some other program  – please treat me as an absolute idiot because my brain is actually scrambled! Most of the web stuff is Linux focussed, all I want Is 1x UPS  to gracefully shutdown 1x windows machine (master) and 1x linux box when the battery level gets to 20%.


Many thanks

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