COMMLOST - a possible solution ? (APC-Back Ups Pro 1500 by USB, Win Vista)

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COMMLOST - a possible solution ? (APC-Back Ups Pro 1500 by USB, Win Vista)

COMMLOST - a possible solution ? (APC-Back Ups Pro 1500 by USB, Win Vista)

Dear all,

I am running APCUPSD for a number of years now. Version is 3.14.12 on a Win Vista machine (Acer Aspire Notebook), with APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 connected thru USB cable. Please find conf & events data attached.

I run APCUPSD in combination with a home automation product that cyclicly (3 minutes) reads the status of the APCUPSD by means of TCP connection (ip of machine, Port 3551, request=%00%06status). All worked perfect for quite a long time (!).

Only since a few months, after replacing my old APC Back-UPS RS 1500 against a new APC Back-UPS PRO 1500, I am having random problems with COMMLOST.

The COMMLOST seems to occur when power-outage-back-outage-back occur within a short timeframe (less than a second), which, where I live, very often occurs. I also got the impression that situations when powerfailures occur, the COMMLOST appears quicker if the monitor tray app is being openned on screen.

At first, I thought about a bad USB connection or that I accidently hit and therefor disconnected the USB cable. And, funny enough, disconnecting the cable and plugging in again solves the problem! Unfortunately, this is not a real solution as someone needs to be physically at the machine.

BUT ... soultion in sight???

I found out that, going into the Device Manager to Batteries / "American Power Conversion USB UPS(Apcupds)" and using the button to "disable" and thereafter "enable" the device solves the problem.

Now, here are my questions:
1.) Does anybody know about this problem and is having a (another) solution? 

2.) If there is no know solution, is there any way to automatically (I could start a batch or so) to disable and enable the driver in the Device Manager?

Thanks in advamce for any help!




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