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From: LEEP Geral PT <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 1:38 AM
Subject: APC 9617 & OSX 10.9.5 & APCUPSd
To: [hidden email]

Need help.

All I need is to see on OSX  one icon UPS state (AC / Battery) and one message when the ups is Powering off: Powerchute.

I tried your software on windows and the first part that I need is working well but on osx I can't make it work.First when I open APCagent the keyboard freezes, and it just stops when I connect to my VPN but it can not communicate with the apc 9716 card. Only see a powercord icon.The conf file is the same of the windows 

Is it possible to send the Sleep/hibernate not shutdown command to the Imac's when the UPS shutting down?I want also to WOL (Wake On Lan) the Imac's but the only  option is sleep/hibernation mode and wake on power state change (power off/power on UPS). This is a basic WOL but it works! If I power off the Imac's this doesn't work!

Luis Proença

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