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Re: apcupsd unable to do killpower with snmp driver

Павел Мотырев
Hello, Stan.

I think this is not the same problem - bug is not related to system
shutdown process.

On host with apcupsd (powered _not_ from UPS) I executed "tcpdump -pni
eth0 host <ups-ip>" in one terminal and "touch /etc/apcupsd/powerfail
&& apcupsd --killpower" in another.
As you can see in tcpdump output in my previous message, apcupsd sent
SNMP-packet to UPS, but UPS answered with error, because SNMP OID is

Pavel Motyrev

Stan :

> Hi
> See:
> This has been a big problem for many Ubuntu 16.04 users
> Not sure if its the exact same problem, because the bug is related to
> USB UPS's as far as i know.  But i know that it does not send Killpower
> to UPS.
> Express your concern there as well so that the Ubuntu developers may fix
> the issue.
> Regards,
> Stan

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