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Вячеслав Беловол
Hi, I do not speak English, so I will be brief

OS: Window 10 x64
Version apcupsd: 3.14.14
DEVICE: Back-UPS ES 525 USB Cable

apctray is work!

apctest calibration(10) not work!

apctest 3.14.14 (31 May 2016) mingw
Checking configuration ...
sharenet.type = Network & ShareUPS Disabled
cable.type = USB Cable
mode.type = USB UPS Driver
Setting up the port ...
Doing prep_device() ...

You are using a USB cable type, so I'm entering USB test mode
Hello, this is the apcupsd Cable Test program.
This part of apctest is for testing USB UPSes.

Getting UPS capabilities...SUCCESS

Please select the function you want to perform.

1)  Test kill UPS power
2)  Perform self-test
3)  Read last self-test result
4)  View/Change battery date
5)  View manufacturing date
6)  View/Change alarm behavior
7)  View/Change sensitivity
8)  View/Change low transfer voltage
9)  View/Change high transfer voltage
10) Perform battery calibration
11) Test alarm
12) View/Change self-test interval
 Q) Quit

Select function number: 10

This test instructs the UPS to perform a battery calibration
operation and reports the result when the process completes.
The battery level must be at 100% and the load must be at least
10% to begin this test.

Failed to read current battery level

where can I find a problem ?
Thank you.

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