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apcupsd windows port problem

Romualdas Mincevičius

My setup  is as follows:

Widnows 8.1 Pro x64
APC Back-UPS ES 700 with USB cable
apcupsd v3.14.13

I would like to report a bug where my UPS device is shown in Windows "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" Tray Applet, but since there is nothing what needs to be unmounted or safely ejected it should not really be there and is rather annoying.

After doing a little research I came to conclusion that it might be due to missing USB Device Capability "SurpriseRemovalOK" declaration in the driver. If that is the case than I believe it could require just a trivial change. Please consider doing that.

Thank you for your efforts. Much appreciated.


Romualdas Mincevicius

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