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multiple multimon.cgi on same webserver

Henrique Martins
We have two labs, each with lots of APC UPS units, with
apcupsd running on all computers attached to those UPSs.

I have a page on a webserver where I link to multimon.cgi
with a hosts.conf file containing all the UPSs on one of
those labs ("mine").

I want to add a second page for the UPSs on the second lab
("not mine") and that seems to be a bit difficult with the
standard multimon.cgi as hosts.conf is hardcoded in several
places (though under "SYSCONFDIR").

I can see a couple of quick workarounds, e.g. by compiling
multimon.cgi with different SYSCONFDIRs, changing the code
to take a CGIarg, but I was wondering if anyone has ever
done this some other simpler way, so I don't have to take
another route.


-- Henrique

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